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A Bus Man’s Holiday

This weekend I had a rare weekend without any event or wedding whatsoever. So I took myself off down to the Midlands to visit friends and family.

It was a lovely weekend – but one made even more so when early last week my friends announced their engagement. So not only were we to have a lovely weekend doing some early Christmas shopping, being “ladies who do lunch” but we’d also no doubt enjoy a (or another?) celebration of their great news.

Now my lovely friend, K, has always been a very independent lady – one who knows her mind – doesn’t suffer fools gladly – and certainly won’t be told what to or what not to do in any aspect of her life. In fact I would not have been at all surprised had they announced they were off to get wed, just the two of them, while gorge walking or something. Because in simple terms K’s life is action packed, fun loving, at times a little far out and simply not conventional at all. So imagine my surprise (and I have to admit to a little bit of excitement) when I find just two weeks after the proposal she’s narrowed down her preferred venues to 13! Has already drawn up her guest list (and calculated the cost of course) and was off to her first wedding fayre. How excited is she? Well they both are of course – in fact groom to be (also K) spent our entire Sunday morning researching even more venues. Hilarious! But so sweet.

Having worked in the industry for some years now (and K was also one of my standby assistant stylists when we lived closer together) I had already promised myself not to offer any advice, pearls of wisdom – after all it is their day and I am their friend first and foremost. Touchingly I was invited to give them tips – what to look for in choosing their venue – their suppliers. “Any pitfalls?”Which is lovely and I will of course pass on anything useful I come across, be that great ideas or “avoid at all costs”. But I have no intention of becoming their event planner – or even event stylist. Nothing is more annoying than a “been there done that” chirp every time you want to share your next bit of “we’ve booked our….”. So no – I am strictly staying out of it as I am sure there are lots of lovely suppliers in the Birmingham area who are more than capable.

Besides – when we are there to share their special day it would be rather nice to not have to think about the laundry the day after! On this occasion this will be one wedding I won’t be taking covers or centre pieces too.

So all in all my weekend was lovely, especially as I got to be a friend simply sharing the news, the story of the proposal, even the restaurant which was the start of “that eventful night” – plenty of wedding talk and giggles – even a peep in a wedding dress window. Not a chair cover or bow was mentioned….in fact nothing much about styling at all….because then it really would have been a bus man’s holiday!

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