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Earlier this year I was very honoured to be contacted by the very beautiful Muckrach Country House Hotel (formerly Lodge) just outside Dulnain Bridge with an invitation to be part of their exciting launch into all things wedding! For those who don’t know, Muckrach, once a Victorian Shooting Lodge, has...

Silver wedding

I often get ladies come to me and say “I bet your job is amazing”. Well of course it is. I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t. But they only see the finish of a chair with a beautifully tied bow or a flourish of “diamonds” on the table as the...


So you finally found your venue. Next task – finding a chair cover supplier. I wish I could have a pound for the number of times I have asked “what type of chair is it” to be told “it’s just a bog standard chair” or “oh I don’t know”. I realise...

Take a seat

All inclusive packages

Today I want to talk a little about venue packages which are “inclusive” of venue styling aspects. Over the years I have been contacted by many a B2B looking for chair covers etc at short notice having discovered their “inclusive” package was not as inclusive as they might have thought....


Last month I talked about dry hire of table linen. Today I want to talk a bit more about how it features in your “grand scheme” The provision, type and colour of table linen is often overlooked as you view the bigger picture on your big day.  If “bad” table...


As venue stylists with many years practice in the industry we know and understand the importance of having a good quality table linen as a basis. After suffering untold “let downs” with poor quality hired in linen in our early days, we decided to invest in our own stock. This...

Location matters

We are often contacted for prices and asked “why do you need my date and my venue”? Well here are just a few reasons why location, venue and date matter: Date Here at Highland Occasions we choose to cap the number of bookings in each date so as to make...

Rustic Heather Centrepiece

Seven plus years ago we began styling venues in Derbyshire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester. Chair covers were not so widely used back then and so we had to find other ways to create the picture. Centrepieces have long been the focus of any table. From the fresh flower to the party...

Centre Stage


From time to time we get a query along the lines of “I have received a cheaper quote and wonder if you are able to drop your price any lower”. Of course I can move on my price. We could fetch covers recently used at another venue and put them...

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