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Does location, date or venue matter?

We are often contacted for prices and asked “why do you need my date and my venue”? Well here are just a few reasons why location, venue and date matter:


Here at Highland Occasions we choose to cap the number of bookings in each date so as to make sure your set up gets the full attention it deserves and you have paid for. The start of the year especially is very busy. Lots of bookings are confirmed during this busy enquiry period and dates increasingly marked full and closed. So the first stop is always the diary. If the date isn’t available we will tell you. That way we don’t waste your time or build up your hopes only to find we are not available.

Location, location, location

We cover venues east and west, north and south, Some can be as much as two hours apart. So while we may have a space on a date that doesn’t guarantee we can offer that space to you.

If our two teams are committed that day then we simply cannot geographically cover another 60 or 80 miles away without the potential for a fine old mess and some very unhappy people. We simply won’t jeopardise your day to squeeze one more in. Spaces are allocated and the diary carefully scheduled based on travel time plus time on site. We would love a DeLorean time machine but until then our “earth” vehicles will have to do 😉

Geographical location also affects set up time and cost. We do offer a “free set up” zone but we have to be realistic beyond that. A set up on the west coast will always cost more than one 10 miles away. Fuel of course but we are a business with a team who expect to be paid a reasonable hourly rate too.

Why does the venue make a difference?

Essentially our service is bespoke. While we tailor bundles to suit your budget we approach every single client enquiry as if it were unique. We have spent years building rapport with venues and understanding their ways of working, adjusting our own to suit, to ensure the service we offer works for them and for us but most of all for you. We know where a venue needs us back to dress again when the ceremony is turned into reception. We know which venues/caterers require advance delivery of linen and table runners. We know which venues have restrictions on candles, confetti and those who prefer (and will even refuse) a certain chair cover. We know and understand what works best. With that in mind we have the basis of the service for your chosen venue.

Then we begin the fun bit which is helping you find the elements you love, as well as offering help in creating a wow which compliments your venues colours, furnishings, style and layout. So if you come to us and together we build a picture and price based on a red/gold venue – what impact will that have when you switch to a green and purple venue? Or perhaps your switch means you no longer require certain elements (e.g. chair covers). So venue really is key to your quote basis before we even begin the pretty stuff.

It’s a promise

A quote is a promise – an undertaking to provide a service (which remains open for a specified period of time). Imagine we give you a price, build you up with a romantic description and design of what could be – only to take it away again when you reveal your date and venue. It wastes your time. But more important nobody wants to break a promise. Which is why we will always request your date and your venue (which in turn gives us the location) before making that “promise”.

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