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It’s Show Time!

Last week was our first show of the season. I say “first” as if we do lots but the truth is we do only a small number. There are just so many to choose from now and with several every week during the early months of the year you could make a vocation out of attending exhibitions. I just much prefer to do a small number and then we make sure to keep each one fresh.

So the first one of the year was at the lovely Ramnee Hotel in Forres. This has been a regular for me for a number of years now. Each year the format of our “show and tell” has changed and each year the response has been fabulous. This year was no exception. And with a new revamped website looming it presented the ideal opportunity to get a few new portfolio shots too.

MarieAt the start of the year I sat down with my web design team. Neil Hedley of Hedley Enterprises and Mhairi Mclean a creative copy writer and adviser. “You should have your photo on your website” they said. I laughed. Then I realised they were serious. I am not camera shy but I am uber-critical of myself. So my instinct was “no way, not happening”. However, they are a persuasive pair and so the decision was taken. More about working with Neil and Mhairi in my next blog.

While I was considering how best to get photos I discovered a colleague of Mr Smith. Lindsay, a keen photographer for many years, had just taken the bold step of turning her passion into a business. She has a very relaxed approach and a real eye for capturing atmosphere and the unexpected moment. She was also keen to get some more wedding style material into her portfolio so there we are, choice made, job done.

Sunday morning dawned. Thankfully the weeks snow had all but gone. A dry day, not too chilly, always good for bringing Ramnee-40couples out. I arrived at the hotel, adrenalin flowing. I always am when we exhibit. I have been doing shows for over five years but I still get nervous – wondering what the response to your work will be. Add to that I would now be under the watchful camera lens of Lindsay Robertson Photography and I was decidedly self conscious and extra nervous. I needn’t have been, it was like working with a close friend. We had a lot of laughs as she click clicked away. Stand here, lean there, look over my right shoulder. I felt like a model :D. And my stand has never been so well photographed (well except for those sneaky mobile phone shots – yes I can see you).

Ramnee-44The results I have to say are fabulous – there are just too many good ones to choose from. I really don’t know how couples choose their favourites when it comes to putting together their wedding or family portraits album. I did finally whittle it down to just a handful – and even then I whittled and swapped some more. And what do we think of them now? Well I will let you be the judge as they are peppered throughout the website.

If you like what you see then head to Lindsay Robertson Photography on Google and on Facebook.

Next time it’s all ‘about that web, bout that web’ 🙂

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