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Table linen – that old chestnut

As venue stylists with many years practice in the industry we know and understand the importance of having a good quality table linen as a basis. After suffering untold “let downs” with poor quality hired in linen in our early days, we decided to invest in our own stock. This began with enough round and banquet cloths to fulfil the odd booking each year. However as more and more customers are also realising the quality of our linen (including suppliers, caterers and some very big players in the corporate sector) so our stock has grown too.

However, our business is venue styling. We are contacted several times a week by customers wanting a linen only hire price. Sadly we have to decline. And here is why..

We do all our laundry in-house in order to protect it and make sure it stays in tip top condition. So you can well imagine how much extra load a couple of “linen extra” bookings can add to a busy week in the peak season. If we were to fulfil every request to hire out our cloths then we would spend the entire week feeding the washer/dryer and ironing. That feels rather like a laundry service to me? We would simply never have time for our core business which is styling.

Secondly, if we did do dry hire of our table cloths then this presents us with two potential risks.

1. Continued use/reuse puts a huge amount of wear and tear on linen. As it is the same linen we use then with time it will undoubtedly affect the quality of our linen we use to our full styling bookings. A drop in standards is simply not an option!

2. Dry hire can result in late returns, mis-treatment when storing until returned, and even loss (yes we have suffered our entire batch of tablecloths going to a well known laundry company when some well meaning waiting staff took the initiative and bagged it – into the caterer’s laundry bags). So we lose control – and subsequently lose stock.

But most of all our passion is to style venues. We are not a hire company (which is why we have also all but ceased all DIY/dry hire now too). And we are certainly not a linen laundry company. Laundering linen is hard work but one we balance against our own styling bookings. Any more and we would have to change the way we operate in a big way – or buy a launderette! So we hope you won’t be too disappointed when you ask “can you give me a quote for table cloths?” and we politely say no. We will always explain why. And we can put you in touch with companies who specialise in catering equipment and linen hire – after all it’s what they do best.

At the end of the day we are a small family based business who simply want to turn peoples visions and dreams into reality. Not wash and iron everyone else’s tablecloths.

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