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So you finally found your venue. Next task – finding a chair cover supplier. I wish I could have a pound for the number of times I have asked “what type of chair is it” to be told “it’s just a bog standard chair” or “oh I don’t know”.
I realise in this day and age, with lycra covers being used for so many weddings and functions, it might seem an irrelevant question. But you want your event to look the very best it can don’t you? If you want a traditional tailored fit cover then one size does not fit all. A sloppy cover on a teeny chair is not a good look. Neither is a short cover on a large chair showing off three inches of chair leg. If you favour lycra – it might well cover a chair up, but it still looks hideous on a really bad chair. Lycra leaves little to the imagination – and some chairs really should avoid wearing lycra in my opinion.

Chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Heaven knows my life would have been a lot easier over the years if they were all standard. How many miles have I driven to check the best fit on a chair – because we won’t take a chance and make do on the big day. There are literally hundreds of styles and sizes – if you don’t believe me then flick to the bottom for just a few examples. Each suits its own application and cover type and if it doesn’t then we have a solution for that too.

DSC03023Metal framed upholstered banquet chairs most commonly used by many hotels vary from the very smallest to the very largest, some flat top, some tapered, some round top, some shield back, some arched, some even have arms!

“Marquee” chairs also come in different styles. From the gilted Cheltenham or Bentwood (see even their names are not consistent) to the lovely spindle back Chiavari (sometimes spelt Chivari). White plastic bistro chairs are also popular for outdoor settings.

Folding chairs are often metal framed plastic DSC028011but even they vary in width and height. Although there is also a lovely white folding chair used overseas a lot which needs little in terms of dressing – still not popular in the north of Scotland – but give it time.

And that sums up the more commonly found chairs. I could then start listing all the other options used in restaurants, bars, clubs – but frankly I would be here all day.
If your chair is clearly not a Banquet, Marquee or Folding chair (see gallery below) then why not pop a wee photo on your phone. Your stylist should be able to recognise most and advise the best application for best fit. If it really is an unusual chair then 3 dimensions are ever so useful to your cover supplier.

  • Width across the widest part of the back rest (remembering to measure AROUND any curve in the backrest)
  • Height to top of seat
  • Overall height

If you are planning to dress your chairs then just make sure you know which chair will be in use on your day.
If you have to hire in chairs then it is worth taking time out to consider all the options. Ask your venue stylist for advice on the chairs available before parting with a deposit on chair hire. There are so many options now which – with or without a chair cover – offer the perfect solution to fit with your setting. A good stylist will know how to work with your chair and offer advice on the visual impact of your choice. Pick a seat and then have fun seeing your own style come to life with some creative decor 🙂

Gallery of chair styles

Metal framed upholstered banquet chairs – examples

Cello-58-2 square top spoon back2 spoon back round top

Folding chair examples


Marquee style chair examples – Chiavari, Bentwood/Cheltenham

chivari chiavarigold silver gilt

Other chairs – e.g. bistro, conference

woodcafechair woodcafe2 Plastic_stacking_chair Cube leatherchair


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