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We’ll beat any price” promises

From time to time we get a query along the lines of “I have received a cheaper quote and wonder if you are able to drop your price any lower”.

Of course I can move on my price. We could fetch covers recently used at another venue and put them straight back on – we’ll be very careful to disguise any really serious stains and boot polish marks. We could even use the sashes which are still scrunched up and tied in the bin liner that we picked up from a venue a month ago – save us the job of laundering and pressing them.

For your centrepiece we could use cheaper alternatives. Some tacky plastic inferior silks instead of our premium silks and pop them in a cheaper, more flimsy vase from one of the discount high street stores. For tea lights and floating candles we could simply use the 1.5hr-2hr versions readily available from supermarkets and that other well-known budget ‘big shed’. They’d last until your main course possibly – am sure your evening guests won’t miss our normal long burn candles. Instead of taking them in our adapted van and using our most experienced staff I could simply pile it all into the car, combine it with my shopping run and use a couple of mates or their kids to help out. Save on wages. And finally if you want to save a lot more, then I can get the covers all taken off after your meal so I can use them again somewhere else the next day.

These are all short cuts and changes I could make to help meet your budget. But I won’t.

This is your one big day – your moment (hopefully). One you will have already spent several thousands on and is simply too important to cut corners. Our effort begins the moment we receive your enquiry and continues throughout the planning period, consultations, mailings, buying and making up samples, many hours of preparation of your linen and your centrepiece creation in the final weeks before. Eventually culminating in a quality professional set up on the day. A set up which will be supported by an appropriate size and experienced team. This ensures we complete our task to perfection and in the optimum amount of time so as not to be in the way of your venue who also have work to do.

So next time you take a supplier’s quote and copies of samples they have prepared entirely for you to another company for the purposes of getting something for a little less remember this. Notwithstanding the fact that your quote and any “mock ups” are intended for you alone and are the commercial and intellectual property of your supplier, copying and sharing without their express permission is an infringement. And perhaps a little unfair given they will have put all the effort (and cost) in simply to have someone else directly copy it.

We don’t promise to be cheapest. But what we do promise is a professional finish using quality products which will be reflected in what we feel is a fair and representative (and already amazing) package price. However if you are happy to settle for the cheaper imitation in order to shave another £20 or even £50 off great value bottom line then we wish you the very best of luck. You have only one chance to create this perfect day. There isn’t a dress rehearsal. You may be fortunate and find someone who can make that finish appear similar for a little less. However if you discover you made the wrong choice for the sake of a few bucks then there isn’t another performance to follow.

And if you still feel that venue stylists, or indeed any wedding supplier, is making a packet out of your event then consider this. We are a small family business. I and several of my assistants do not have another job. This is it – our sole source of income for which we hope to receive a fair pay. We estimate that somewhere between 40 and 60 hours go into almost every wedding or event we do – and our larger events exceed that. Equate that back to your package price, deduct the cost of any consumables and travel costs and you will see our hourly pay is lower than the average waitress or shop assistant.

Hardly a “wedding price tag” wouldn’t you agree….

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